Miscellaneous Topics

The following topics are covered in this section:


Buddhist Spirituality

Dhamma Resources

Elimination of Anger

Four Thoughts


Reading the Suttas

The Collection of Little Texts (KN)

The Further-Factored Discourses (AN)

The Grouped Discourses (SN)

The Long Discourses (DN)

The Middle-Length Discourses (MN)

Khaggavisana Sutta

Photo Galleries

The Dhammapada

The Heart of Dharma Collection

The Lamrim: Stages of the Path

Theravada Buddhism

Two Truths: Relative and Ultimate


Four Schools of Buddhism

Chittamatra School

Madhyamaka School

Sautrantika School

Vaibhashika School

In Daily Life

The Two Truths and the Four Noble Truths

The Two Truths: Their Significance

Verses on the Faith Mind